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January 27, 2021


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I bet most of you didn’t even know that personal branding sessions are something that I offer. Well… surprise! ⁠
Here are just a few reasons why they are so important.⁠

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First Impressions Matter

Ask yourself what your first impression is saying about you. Because whether you realize it or not, first impressions really do matter. For example, if you are looking for a new recipe do you gravitate towards the ones with amazing and appetizing images or the ones with blah photos that make the food look a bit sad? I think I already know your answer.⁠⠀

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Elevate Your Brand

⁠Professional photos instantly elevate your brand. If you want a high-end brand you need high-quality images. There really is no way around that.⁠⠀

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Library of Images

You gain a library of images to share on your website, social media, business cards, and more. This means you are consistently showing up in a professional way to your audience. Bonus for having images to share on the days you really don’t plan on getting out of your pajamas.⁠

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Showcase Who You Are

⁠Branding sessions are a really fun way to showcase your unique personality and skillset. How do you want to stand apart from all of the other entrepreneurs out there? Stock images are great but they really don’t compare to having images that were created just for you!⁠⠀

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If you’re interested in learning more about my branding sessions or have any additional questions feel free to email me at or fill out this contact form!

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