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Newborns: Seven Tips For A Stress-Free Session

February 8, 2020


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7 tips for a stress-free newborn session

Parents kissing newborn baby.

Newborns are hard and newborn sessions can be scary. I get it. 

You’re a first-time parent. You’re not really sure what you’re supposed to be doing. All you really know is that you want these moments, this small window in time documented. After all, your baby will only be a newborn for a few short days. But where do you even start?

1. Book your photographer early.

If there is a photographer who you just love you want to contact them right away. I tend to book out months in advance and take a limited number of newborn sessions each month. Looking for a photographer can be stressful so it’s best to get this off your plate asap. Make sure you find a photographer that specializes in what you are looking for. Ask to see lifestyle and studio portfolios so you know exactly what to expect.

You’ve found your photographer, now what?

Newborn baby boy in garden.
2. Contact your photographer ASAP!

If you want those super adorable sleepy baby photos you are going to want to get on the schedule within 14 days after they are born. After this newborns aren’t nearly as sleepy and can become difficult to pose. However, if this is something that isn’t important to you no worries. Take your time and contact your photographer when you are feeling up to it!

Newborn baby boy laying on bed.
3. Schedule your session during naptime.

While it is never a problem to photograph a baby that is awake it is far easier to do when they are sleeping. Paying attention to sleep schedules in the days after you bring them home before your session can be invaluable. Trying to keep your baby awake shortly before the session can also help them fall into a deeper sleep during the session. Which can be super helpful and help everything flow smoother.

Newborn baby boy
4. Feed them before the session.

Sleepy babies with full bellies are so much easier to work with (especially newborns). However, it’s not uncommon for babies to need to feed during a session.

Black and white image of a newborns toes.
5. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes for you and baby.

Shit happens… quite literally. We’ve all had to deal with a baby blowout before but you do not want to get stuck at your session with a poop covered shirt and no other options.

newborn baby boy with his parents
6. Surrender expectations.

For real. It’s probably not going to go exactly as you planned…actually I can promise you that it won’t go as planned. There will likely be poop, spit-up, and tears. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get gorgeous images. Newborn sessions are typically hours long so we can deal with these very situations. Keep your composure. Kids can sense your stress. If you’re stressed they will be stressed. 

Newborn baby with her family.
7. Trust your photographer.

This is huge. You chose them for a reason, right? Let them do their job. In fact, it’s best to be hand-off during your baby’s session. If your newborn is fussy it’s best to let the photographer work their magic. I know this seems counterintuitive but hear me out! Your baby can smell you. They know when you are near and are more likely to wake up or stay fussy if they know they will get your attention.

Dad holding newborn baby

Questions? Check out my FAQ page! Or fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you asap!

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