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Celebrating Your Pregnancy : Maternity Sessions

January 15, 2020


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Maternity session downtown Sioux Falls.

Pregnancy is such an exciting and weird time. I totally get it!⁠

I remember asking my husband to roll me out of bed each morning because I couldn’t do it myself. ⁠

I remember what it was like to drop something on the floor and just leave it because it certainly wasn’t worth the extra effort.⁠

I remember what it was like to constantly have to go to the bathroom… okay maybe this just never went away for me. ⁠

And I certainly remember feeling like I didn’t want my photo taken. ⁠

But let me tell you something, this season is so important. I know you’re uncomfortable and you feel less than glamorous. But one day you will look back on your maternity photos and be glad you did it. ⁠

You’ll look back and remember that sweet babe that you once carried so close. You’ll look at those images in awe of how freaking incredible your body is. I mean you grew an entire human! How amazing is that?!⁠

Your child will look at those images and excitedly exclaim, “That’s me?!” And then you’ll get to tell them about all the amazing, weird, and hilarious things that happened a long the way. ⁠

Like going to the grocery store and immediately having to turn around because your pants no longer fit. Or that time you made their dad drive all the way to the store in a blizzard because you just absolutely had to have ice cream…Images are meant to tell stories and what story could possibly be better than this one?⁠

Expecting couple.

Interested in learning more about my maternity packages? I offer completely customizable package options so you get exactly what you want. Check out my maternity through one-year portfolio or fill out my contact form for more information!

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