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What to Wear: Five Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Wardrobe

June 26, 2018


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I’m getting my photos taken, now what do I wear?!Downtown couples session. This question is one almost everyone asks, so here is my answer: I want you to be comfortable. I want you to feel comfortable, beautiful, and ready to have some fun. I don’t want you to feel like you are dressing up as someone else. Wear the clothes you love. However, if you’d like a little extra advice here are some of my basic do’s and do not’s on what to wear.

What to wear during a family session.

1. ALWAYS dress appropriately

The number one rule is to always dress appropriately. Meaning if we plan to go hike around the Palisades maybe don’t wear your best pair of stilettos. Or if it’s 95 degrees outside a sweater might not be your best option. Same for the cold. If you don’t want to wear jackets consider bringing a blanket, fun mittens, scarves, hats, or a cute pair of boots! Layers underneath your clothes can also be really helpful in keeping warm! I promise you if you dress for the weather you are going to be ten times happier with your images.

what to wear during a winter senior session.

2. Mix and Match!

This is a huge one! I highly recommend you don’t all wear the same color. All white t-shirts paired with jeans isn’t a good look when everyone in the group is wearing it. Black might be a flattering color but if everyone is wearing a black shirt the whole group is going to morph into a giant blob.

Family walking through pasture wearing a mix of pastel and neutral colors.

Instead, I recommend you wear colors that complement each other! For example, maybe you really love the colors coral and navy together. That’s perfectly fine (I happen to love this color combination) use pops of those colors in your accessories. Coral necklaces, scarves, ties, sweaters, etc.

3. Avoid harsh colors

Family sitting in field.

I know neon is really popular. Especially amongst kids. But it is SUPER hard to photograph. And it’s reflective. This means often times there is really bright orange, yellow, pink, green, (insert color here), reflected all over your neck, arms, and face. Neutral tones, on the other hand, are timeless, almost always photograph well in nature and indoors, and not simply a passing fad.

4. Please, no logos!

Newborn and family wearing neutrals.

This may seem like a strange or insignificant suggestion BUT it makes the hugest difference! Logo’s can be distracting and obnoxious. YOU should be the focus of your session not the designer of your t-shirt.

5.  Check your pockets!

Little girl and family.

I’m horrible at remembering to do this while I’m shooting so I’m putting this here. Cell phones, wallets, car keys, all of that should not be in your pocket during a session. It’s obviously not the end of the world if it happens. BUT it’s a tiny detail that really can make a difference in the final results.

*BONUS* Have fun with it!

what to wear engagement session.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget that this session is all about you. Above all else I want you to feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous! If you have a favorite dress, outfit, shirt, pair of pants, shoes, whatever it is you should wear it!

Family playing at dog park.

*I do want to state that all the images that you see in this post are of what works. I’m not into shaming people and their outfit choices. Also, this is purely based on my personal aesthetic so feel free to say I’m wrong and disregard everything I’ve said.*

Interested in booking your own session with me? Contact me here! Interested in learning more about what to wear during an extended family session? Check out this post!

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