Five Reasons You Should Choose a Lifestyle Newborn Session

May 30, 2018


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I know that after you have a child the last thing you typically want is to have photos of you taken. But I promise you these are the images that your child is going to cherish. These are the images YOU and your children are going to want to look back on in coming years. So here are FIVE reasons why you should choose a Lifestyle Newborn session!Lifestyle - newborn

1. You’re already in your comfort zone.

I love natural in-home sessions because your home is where you are comfortable. It’s where your baby is comfortable. It’s where all the best moments are going to happen. I promise you it’s far easier to soothe your child in an environment they are familiar with. And your home will actually make the perfect backdrop for images that you will cherish for years to come.Lifestyle - Newborn with their family and siblings

2. You can include the WHOLE family.

It’s easy to get the whole family involved! Do you have older children? Or perhaps pets? It’s so much easier to get the whole family on board when they are in their own space.Lifestyle - newborn with their family

3. These are the photos your kids want!

These are the photos your kids want! Hands down without question these are it. Your kids want photos of YOU! They want photos of what life was really like when they were just babies. They want to be able to pull up these images one day and show them to their children because they mean something. Because they are more than just a pretty picture.Lifestyle - Mother with her children.

4. Remember this season of your life (messy house and all).

I promise you in 10 years you are going to want to have these moments documented. You are going to want real genuine reminders of what it was like to have your newborn home for the first time, the way the nursery looked, how the light streamed in at during your favorite time of day, all the homemade gifts that were made and given with love. All of that should be documented. All of it.Lifestyle - Newborn with her dad and dog.

5. Less stress!

Lifestyle sessions are easy! It’s just you and your family being your wonderful selves in your own home doing your own thing. The stress of having to pack up a newborn, all their necessities, and arriving on time is eliminated! You already have everything you need right at your home. So why shouldn’t I just come to you?Lifestyle - newborn twins and their toes.


Want to learn more about what it’s like to have a Lifestyle Newborn Session with me? Just follow this link and head on over to my Newborn portfolio page!

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