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The Brendtro Family

March 22, 2018


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Brendtro family walks through field.

Family sessions are without question my favorite. Absolutely my FAVORITE. Don’t get me wrong I love all sessions but a good family session is hard to beat.

I’m not entirely sure I could pinpoint what exactly it is about them that I love. It’s possible that it is simply the organic nature of them.  The carefree spirit of the kids. The interactions of love between family members. The way a younger sibling adores their older sister or brother. I have the luxury of watching families grow, develop, and flourish together over the years and it’s amazing.

I first met the Brendtro bunch about a year and a half ago when we did an extended family session near Lennox, SD. But when Jen and Dan asked me to photograph just them and their kiddos I was absolutely thrilled.

Jen is a brilliant designer here in Sioux Falls and had a very specific idea what she would like her session to look like.

Sidenote, I love when people send me location inspiration boards!
It presents a unique challenge to create something just for you!


She wanted something minimalistic with very few trees and rich gold hues! The hunt was on. I had one spot in mind from the very beginning but drove all over the outskirts of Sioux Falls in search of something better and more fitting. Turns out my initial location (Arrowhead Park) was PERFECT. The weather, the sun, the cloudless sky. It was all perfect.

Check out more images from their family session below!

Brendtro family - mom kisses daughter.Brendtro family - young boy acting silly.Brendtro Family - Siblings hug each other.Brendtro family - kids roll around on the ground.Brendtro family - portrait of siblings.A young girl runs towards her family.Family walks towards their car.

Interested in learning more about my family sessions? Just click here.

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