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Maternity Through Year One

Maternity, Newborn, and Milestones

Because babies have so many milestones and change so quickly throughout the first year of their lives I try to make scheduling sessions as simple as possible! You will have the option to book things all at once (with a discount) or individually if that is what you prefer! Scroll through to find out more about the types of sessions I currently offer!


Whether you realize it or not (and as uncomfortable as you might feel) pregnancy is a super special season of life that deserves to be documented. It doesn’t just have to be just about you! I encourage all of my clients to include their spouses, other children, and even there pets! 

Maternity sessions are 45-60 minutes long and can take place anyplace you like! A lot of my maternity clients LOVE sunrise sessions (so do I).


Newborn photography will take longer than a traditional session. Typically they are done within the first two weeks of life (however older babies are totally fine!) It may take time to get the baby to be cooperative, they may have diaper explosions, need to feed, or a whole host of other things. Because of this, newborn sessions typically last between 2-3 hours.

I choose to do a combination of lifestyle and posed newborn photography because I think the candid images of you with your child are the most important. BUT I totally love babies in baskets as well. And I think to have a combination of both natural and posed photography really gives you a well-rounded set of images you can treasure forever.

If you would really prefer not to have a session in your home that is absolutely fine I do have a small studio space and outdoor sessions are always a great idea when weather appropriate.


The most common milestone session is hands down one-year photos, did someone say cake smash? But there are many other times during a child’s first year of life that are worthy of being photographed! 

These sessions can take place anywhere! As you may have noticed I absolutely adore at home sessions but outside can be so much fun as well! I highly encourage the siblings, family members, and even pets to be a part of these sessions. You are just as important during this season of life as they are.

You’ll see 3, 6, 9, and 12 months listed as options once you receive more in-depth package information and pricing. However, this is just a general guideline. Your session can take place when it makes the most sense for your child. You’ll also see the option to book a mini milestone session (30 minutes) or a full milestone session (60 minutes).

The Price

Maternity sessions start at $275.00, Newborn Session pricing starts at $375.00, and Milestones begin at $275.00. You do receive a 10% discount on each package you select IF you select more than one package option. This can be Maternity + Newborn, Newborn + Milestone, or any other combination of session options you might like.

If you are interested in more package information please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible! If you happen to have more questions please head on over to my questions answered page.

I only take on a limited number of newborn sessions per month. Newborns can be unpredictable and this ensures that all of my clients are given the attention and care that they deserve.